Our Programmes

Our programmes and other initiatives are implemented through a partnership-based approach.


Communities & Justice

The Communities and Justice Programme is a flagship of the Safer South Africa Foundation, initiated in 2012. Read more


Community Dialogues

The SSAF Community Dialogues Programme was established as an innovative community engagement process. Read more


National Safety Debates

In quest of innovative solutions for community safety and transformation in South Africa’s Criminal Justice System. Read more


Policy & Research

At Safer South Africa Foundation, we are dedicated to improving the integration of local knowledge and research-based evidence into policy-making. Read more

‘South Africa – A safer place to live, learn, work, play and rest.’

Safer South Africa Foundation operates in line with Vision 2030 as set out in the National Development Plan to build safer communities and a just society. In doing so, engaging communities is an important part of our work.

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Communities and Justice Programme

The Safer South Africa Foundation (SSAF) in its quest to mobilise under-resourced communities to build awareness and ability to work together in the ‘fight against crime;’ hosts a safety debate programme. The programme is organised by the SSAF in partnership with various stakeholders, including government bodies, at local, provincial and national levels. The Communities and Justice Programme is a flagship of the Safer South Africa Foundation (SSAF), initiated in 2012. It is a community-based programme aimed at strengthening partnerships in crime prevention.

As crime changes its face, collectively, we need to find new crime fighting strategies and solutions to empower and mobilise communities.

Dr Tshenuwani FarisaniChairperson: Safer South Africa Foundation

Children are citizens too and they have a role to play in building a safer South Africa. Let us work together to inform them; create awareness; and educate them about their rights and responsibilities.

Gen. Riah PhiyegaCEO | Safer South Africa Foundation