In quest of innovative solutions for community safety and transformation in South Africa’s Criminal Justice System, the Safer South Africa Foundation (SSAF) encourages young people to develop technologies that will empower society.

Now, imagine a world, for law enforcement, where public spaces are protected by high-tech surveillance systems, ranging from security cameras to detectors that form a digitised infrastructure that makes it easier to catch criminals.  Think of real-time response to fighting crime. Think of women walking freely in the streets and children playing safely outside.

Through the SSAF Safety and Social Innovation programme, vision 2030, as outlined in the National Development Plan, that, people living in South Africa can and should feel safe at home, at school and at work, and enjoy a community life free of fear; can become a reality.

If you are a young person, and you think you have knack to develop cutting edge technology that could contribute to crime prevention, contact the Safer South Africa Foundation. The Foundation is willing to work with you.

The Safer South Africa Foundation is passionate

about working with communities and forming public-private partnerships to further its commitment to building safer and empowered communities.