Under the #Youth4SaferSouthAfrica umbrella, Safer South Africa Foundation has launched a multimedia campaign to encourage young people to get involved in community-level volunteerism, voice their opinions on community safety,  engage in decision-making and crime prevention.

Through television and radio talk shows and online platforms that encourage young people to learn, debate and share experiences on civic participation, the campaign seeks to alter the long-held view that young people are not yet ready to take on social responsibilities.

The campaign includes electronic, print and experiential communication, with building activations and supported by educational material distributed at schools.

Initially, Safer South Africa Foundation explored the idea of sustaining the programme through an alumnus programme.  The learners embraced the idea with enthusiasm and vigorous exchange of ideas ensued culminating in the birth of the youth movement that exudes a sense of belonging, entitled: #Youth4SaferSouthAfrica.

To establish a positive youth movement where ideas and experiences are shared.

To create ambassadors in the fight against crime in local communities.

To promote discussions around issues on the criminal justice system.

To change behaviours and attitude with a focus on developing themselves and their communities.

To create a platform where youth can participate in community transformation.

To actively contribute to the national discourse on crime, community development and community safety.

To involve young people in advocacy campaigns on crime prevention.