The Safer South Africa Foundation (SSAF) in its quest to mobilise under-resourced communities to build awareness and ability to work together in the ‘fight against crime;’ hosts a safety debate programme.

The programme is organised by the SSAF in partnership with various stakeholders, including government bodies, at local, provincial and national levels. Debate is used a platform to intensify messages on the dangers of doing crime at a young age.

Promote further education and understanding of the South African Criminal Justice System.

Educate learners on the South African Constitution in an informal manner and to encourage them to engage with important issues relating to community safety and the Criminal Justice System.

Encourage learners to develop important leadership skills.

Dispel myths that communities seemingly may hold about the Criminal Justice System and law enforcement agencies.

The Communities and Justice Programme

education approach to promote community safety awareness amongst young people; aims to educate and influence behavioural change of young people that crime does not pay.

Schools are selected to participate, based on their local community safety needs and/or as per request from the provincial government departments.