The Safer South Africa Foundation’s Community Dialogues Programme was established as an ambitious and innovative community engagement process, aimed at stimulating community discussions in line with Vision 2030 as set out in the National Development Plan (NDP) to build safer communities and a just society.

Through the Programme, communities are encouraged to seek solutions in promotion of safety and crime prevention through collaboration. Dialogues employ a structured process to focus on pressing topics around safety, crime prevention, the Criminal Justice System and broader societal issues.

Organise engagement opportunities on critical and relevant issues on the Criminal Justice System in South Africa.

Be a platform for knowledge sharing and advocacy.

Connect law enforcement agents to schools and communities.

Promote research work, and dissemination thereof, on community safety issues.

Comment on policy in the Criminal Justice space.

Thus far, the Safer South Africa Foundation has presented to Police Portfolio Committee on Private Security Amendment Bill (on the relationship South African Police Service & Private Security) and has provided a comprehensive commentary and critique of Policing Green Paper. It is empowering to have dialogues with local communities.

The programme aims to collaboratively find solutions to community safety challenges and to educate the public about the criminal justice system, encourage and support research to inform community based crime prevention strategies.