Young Women Lead!

Strengthening Community Engagement: Gen Riah Phiyega, Safer South Africa Foundation’s CEO, visited Atteridgeville Community Hall, Pretoria, in support of the work that is done by Phetogo Educational Foundation to help uplift young women in the Tswane Metro. The event, organised by young women, invited civil-based organisations; the inter-faith community; schools learners; local government officials on 31 August 2018 to engage on issues around women safety, education, health, finance and personal development.

“Young women, like tender plants, need to be nurtured. Our children need loving and affirming words; they need mentoring, they need coaching; not condemnation; for them to thrive,” said Gen Phiyega. Gen Phiyega said the event provided an excellent opportunity to identify gaps, challenges, and ideas to help inform future measures aimed at improving the lives of young women in Atteridgeville.

Phetogo Educational Foundation is a non-profitable organization that focuses on youth development, which includes providing educational information, supporting, guiding and mentoring future leaders. Communities that attended the event expressed appreciation on the day and the work done by organisations such as Safer South Africa Foundation, Phetogo Educational Foundation and many others.